Part #
BOLTS & WASHERS -Note:UHL=UnderHeadLength
250-0750-50 1/4-20 x .750" UHL.
AN10....... A N Hex Wrench Set (8 Pcs)
Oil pans, valve covers, Chevy front cover
8 Piece A N Hex Wrench Set. Color coded for fast identification. Scratch
resistant to hose fittings. Lightweight aluminum alloy construction. Set
312-0750-50 5/16-18 x .750" UHL.
includes 1/2" #3, 9/16" #4, 11/16" #6, 13/16" #8, 1" #10, 1-1/4" #12,
Carburetors, oil pans
1-1/2" #16, 1-13/16" #20 wrenches in a carrying case.
375-1000-50 3/8"x1.00" UHL.
Headers, Intakes, mounts, Chevy fuel pump
KK701A...Top Dead Center Locator (Chrysler)
375-1250-50 3/8"x1.250" UHL w/ captive flange.
KK701: Top Dead Center Locator (Chevy)
Headers w/ thick flange, Intake manifolds,
This tool provides a positive stop for the piston when locating top dead center. Screws
into the spark plug hole.
motor mounts, Chevy water neck, acc bracket
375-0625-100 3/8" washer - 100-pack
KK990: Deck Bridge (w/Magnetic Base)
KK991: Deck Bridge (w/o Magnetic Base)
Checks piston-to-deck clearance. For cylinder bores up to 4-1/2".
KK644KT....................Universal Degree Wheel Kit
This kit contains all of the tools needed to degree cams, assuring proper cam timing and
Aluminum alloy
lobe lift. Features deluxe components including a 9" degree wheel and indicator, dial
Twelve tubes
indicator mount, 2 valve check springs, clamp kit, 14mm top dead center locator, wire
1/2 inch increments range
degree wheel, pointer, detailed instructions, and a durable foam padded carrying case.
For use with heads on engines.
from 6.000" to 12.000".
Order # .................LC5A-K
4796............................Universal Degree Wheel Kit
4943............................Ford 5.0L 4V Coyote Degree Kit
This kit contains: 9" Degree Wheel - #4790, Cam Checking Fixture - #4902,
0-1" Travel Dial Indicator - 4909, Cam Degree DVD - #190DVD, Wire Degree
Wheel Pointer - #4794, TDC Piston Stop - #4795, (2) Lightweight Checking
Part #
Springs - #4758, Cam Degreeing Instruction Booklet - #145
LDT03..... Quick Compression Tester
4758-2 ........................Checking Springs
Short offset stem with a rubber cone tip permits easy seating in any spark plug port. Fits domestic
Low tension checking springs can be installed by hand in place of valve
and import engines. Large face dial gauge allows fast and accurate readings. 0-300 psi and 21
springs. Simplify measuring piston-to-valve clearance, rocker ratio, cam
degreeing, etc. Set of two springs is enough for one cylinder
KK678..... Feeler Gauge Set (26 Blades, 3-1/2" Long)
5311........Universal Camshaft Installation Handle
26 Blade Set, 3-1/2" Long. Includes The Following Sizes: .0015, .002, .0025,
4919........Chevy Handle with Hardware
.003, .004, .005, .006, .007, .008, .009, .010, .011, .012, .013, .014, .015, .016,
Universal handle includes five interchangeable adapters that fit
.017, .018, .019, .020, .021, .022, .023, .024, .025.
most domestic V6 and V8 engines, including Chevrolet, Ford
and Chrysler. Chevrolet specific handle fits SBC and BBC and
includes necessary hardware that stores inside hex-design handle.
KK670.....One-Revolution Dial Caliper (0"-6" Range)
0" - 6" Range, .001" Graduations, .001" per 6" Accuracy. Mea-
suring face hardened, precision ground, and microlapped for
4921........Chevy V8 Oil Pump Primer
absolute accuracy. Satin chrome finish, crisp engraved gradua-
4922........Ford 260-351W 1/4" Oil Pump Primer
tions, and made of stainless steel. Includes a deluxe fitted case.
Allow the oil pump to be primed and the engine prelubed
prior to initial start-up. Eliminates the chance of a "dry
start" and thus avoids premature engine damage. Primers
KK723..... Starrett Precision Level (8" Long)
8" Long Level. Ground and graduated vials are housed in a satin finished,
drop in place of distributor and, with the use of a drill, spin
brass protective tube with a friction-fit closing cover to prevent breakage.
the oil pump to supply oil to critical engine components.
Base made of the highest quality seasoned casting and are precision
Both models feature a top alignment collar and Chevrolet
machined on the bearing surface. Each level contains a cross test vial to
model includes a bushing to pressurize the upper valve train
simultaneously level in both directions
5327........Valve Spring Organizer Tray
SE24....... Kwik-Check Straight Edge (24")
5329........Rocker Arm Organizer Tray
24", For Small Engines. Straight edges for determining height
These COMP CamsŪ Valve Train Organizer Trays are perfect for
variation across a surface quick and accurately. Precision ground
novice or pro engine builders alike. These durable polymer trays
one side with +/- .001" variance over length. Commonly used on
neatly store your valve train components while assembling or
flywheels, crankshaft saddles, head and block warpage.
rebuilding your engine. Organizers are labeled on the front and
rear to help keep track of your part location for reassembly. Each
tray has built-in handles to make easy work of moving parts around
KK666.....Outside Inch Micrometer Set (0-4" Range)
your shop or garage.
KK629..... Outside Inch Micrometer Set (0-6" Range)
4 Piece Kit, 0"-4" or 0"-6" Range. .001" reading plus .0001 vernier. Swiss
style design, balance, and quality. Ratchet stop for exact and repetitive
readings. Microfine graduations allow for easy reading. Carbide faces
with .250" dia. Meets or exceeds U.S. Federal specs for accuracy. Price
includes standard, wrench, and fitted case.
KK676..... Depth Micrometer Set, 0"-4" Range, 2-1/2" Base with 4 Rods.
· Eliminates dry starts after engine rebuilds
KK630..... Depth Micrometer Set, 0"-6" Range, 4" Base with 6 Rods.
Ratchet stop insures consistent and repetitive measurements. .157" Diameter
· Eliminates initial wear on engine components
rods with lapped measuring end. Satin - Chrome finish. Two adjusting
· Can be used on all internal combustion engines
wrenches. Fitted Case. +/-.0003" Accuracy. .001" Graduation.
Part # MPL-101
Located: Dania Beach, FL -- Kansas City, MO -- Minneapolis, MN -- Worcester, MA